Office Bearers


Board of Directors:   
Our 2023-24 Board of Directors:                                            From left to right:                                 

Rhonda Mandelzys -- Member at Large
Lynn Robertson -- Treasurer/Parliamentarian
Ana Hall -- Music Chair/Music Librarian
Beth Mahy -- President
Jane Hickey -- Member at Large
Lisa Taylor -- VP Membership
Monica Kompter -- Costume Chair
Gail Mackey -- Secretary

Music Committee

Our 2023-24 Music Committee
From left to right:

Gail Connor– Associate Director, Baritone Section Lead
Ana Hall -- Music Chair/Music Librarian
Alana Regular – Director
Gail Mackey -- Bass Section Lead
Beth Mahy – President of Board of Directors, Tenor Section Lead


Board of Directors


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Elizabeth Mahy


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Membership Chair:

Lisa Taylor


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Performance Chair:

Judy Clarke



Chorus Administration


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Website Administrator:

Judy Clarke


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