Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award

Criteria for the Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award state that the recipient should be a friendly, positive person who promotes the Toronto Accolades, attends practices regularly, comes musically prepared, and works hard for the chapter and its members. 

For the chorus to continue running smoothly, especially during the challenges of Covid, it has required a full team effort.  As a result, the whole chorus is worthy of this award!

Previous Accolades of the Year:
2022 -- Rhonda Mandelzys 
2021 -- Toronto Accolades Rehearsal Team
2020 -- Lisa Taylor
2019 -- Ana Hall
2018 -- Judy Clarke
2017 -- Bev Jackson                                                                                                                                     


Year Certificates  

50 Years -- Ellyn Hakomaki
40 Years -- Wendy Pegg
25 Years -- Beth Mahy


Ethel Potton Attendance Award  
There was no winner of the Attendance Award for 2022-2023, but we are so happy that most of our members are now back with us in person to connect, learn, and sing harmonies together once again. We have even added four new members to the chorus this year.              


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