SWAG is made up of a mix of Harmony, Inc. members from Toronto Accolades, A Cappella Showcase, and Associates. Our former director and continuing Accolades member, Wendy Shibata, and Susanne have been singing together since 2015 and were second-place medalists at the Area 5 competition for several years with their quartet, Skyfall. In 2018, Voula joined Skyfall as their new Tenor.  In 2020, Grace became their new lead, and the quartet's name was changed to SWAG. 

SWAG was
 happy to get back to competition in 2022, qualifying in Area Contest in the spring to compete at International Contest in the fall in Verona, New York.

Clockwise from top left: Wendy Shibata (baritone), Susanne Hasulo (bass), Voula Coronios (tenor), Grace Kahle (lead)

For further information regarding SWAG, email Wendy at wendy_arnold@outlook.com


Our director, Alana Regular, has been a member of this North Metro Chorus quartet since it began in 2016. The quartet won second place medals in Sweet Ads Regional Competition in 2017 and fourth place medals in 2018. 

Clockwise from top left: Lindsay Giovos (lead), Sarah Pelton (bass), 
Alana Regular (tenor), Jenna Kellas (baritone)

For further information, go to their Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/GlistenQuartet.               

To book GLISTEN, phone 416-879-8390

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