Toronto Accolades VLQ's and Quartets

Although Toronto Accolades members are not presently involved in quartets, almost half of our members belong to Who Let The Girls Out, a performance group within the chorus which meets for regular rehearsals and takes on daytime show bookings. Our director, Wendy, is in a medal-winning quartet called Skyfall, with three members of the A Cappella Showcase chorus, and they presently stand fourth internationally within Harmony, Inc


Who Let The Girls Out

Early in 2014, close to half the chorus eagerly signed on to rehearse together and take on daytime gigs for which the chorus as a whole is unavailable. The group puts on an average of 8 shows a year. Members enjoy the camaraderie and the additional opportunities to sing and perform.

If you would be interested in booking Who Let The Girls Out for an afternoon performance, email Judy.

Judy Clarke: 416-229-4152,


Skyfall Quartet

Formed in 2015, Skyfall is a four-part harmony a cappella quartet based in the Greater Toronto Area. We have sung on numerous shows, for local BIAs, for corporate clients, and at private events. In May, 2017, we were second-place medalists at Harmony Inc.’s Area 5 competition. Later, in November, Skyfall was thrilled to be named fourth-place medalists at Harmony’s international competition in Halifax. In 2018, Liz (who sings Lead), Wendy (Baritone) and Susanne (Bass) were pleased and excited to introduce Voula Coronios as our new Tenor. You can follow our musical adventures at:

From left to right: Voula Coronios (tenor), Suzanne Hasulo (bass), Liz Travis (lead), Wendy Arnold (baritone)

If you would be interested in booking Skyfall for a performance, email Wendy.

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