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Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award

Criteria for the Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award state that the recipient should be a friendly, positive person who promotes the Toronto Accolades, attends practices regularly, comes musically prepared, and works hard for the chapter and its members. Ana is all of this and much, much more.

Congratulations to Ana Hall, who won the Accolade of the Year Award for 2018-2019.

Previous Accolades of the Year:
2018 -- Judy Clarke
2017 -- Bev Jackson
2016 -- Nancy Flagel
2015 -- Jo Anne Chisholm


Life Member        

Congratulations to Normi Chinchen, who has been made a Life Member of the Toronto Accolades.  Normi has been with the Accolades for over 30 years and has served the chorus in many different capacities during that time.  She is still one of our most reliable members in terms of attendance and learning songs quickly and accurately, and she is a real pleasure to be around and to sing with.

Year Pins

45 Year Pin — Ellyn Hakomaki
35 Year Pin — Wendy Pegg
20 Year Pin -- Beth Mahy

Ethel Potton Attendance Award                                                                                                                                       
Gail Connor and Lisa Taylor were co-winners of the Ethel Potton Attendance Award for 2018-2019, with no absences from rehearsals for the entire year!  Judy Clarke and Lynn Robertson were runners-up.                          


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