Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award

Criteria for the Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award state that the recipient should be a friendly, positive person who promotes the Toronto Accolades, attends practices regularly, comes musically prepared, and works hard for the chapter and its members. 

This year, we've had to think outside the box in almost everything we've done, and this is no exception.  The Accolade of the Year Award for 2020-2021 goes to the Toronto Accolades Rehearsal Team -- the TARTs for short!  This group of women organized our ZOOM rehearsals while we were between directors, incorporating both fun and learning into each rehearsal, and running them with competence and enthusiasm.  Many thanks to Rhonda, Lisa, Ana, Gail C., Beth, Judy, Lynn and Jo Anne.

Previous Accolades of the Year:
2020 -- Lisa Taylor
2019 -- Ana Hall
2018 -- Judy Clarke
2017 -- Bev Jackson


Year Pins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
45 Year Pin --- Jane Drummond
30 Year Pin — Wendy Shibata
25 Year Pin — Jo Anne Chisholm
20 Year Pin --- Elsie Rueter, Lisa Taylor
15 Year Pin --- Gail Mackey, Lynn Robertson
5 Year Pin --- Rhonda Mandelzys

Ethel Potton Attendance Award                                                                                                                                       
There was no winner of the Attendance Award for 2020-2021, but we are so pleased and happy that most of our members have continued to come out to rehearsal every week, virtually, to connect with friends and fellow chorus members, continue to learn about their craft and just have fun singing.                     


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